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Other Questions

How do I pay my parking with SMS or by phone call?

Information about how to pay your parking fee with SMS or by phone call can be found on the page Payment Methods.

Are there any areas I can park at free of charge?

In Falun, you can park free of charge on the parking areas Tisken, Städet and Bangården.

On Sundays, many other areas are free of charge. You can find prices and information about our areas on our Parking Map.

Parking Fines

How do I appeal a parking fine I think is inaccurate?

Parking fines in Sweden are controlled by two different laws, for if the fine was issued on private land or streets.

If the yellow parking fine says “Parkeringsanmärkning” – pay first and then appeal

If you’ve received a “parkeringsanmärkning” that you consider inaccurate, you can appeal it but you have to pay for it either way. If your appeal is approved, you will get the fine back. You have 8 days to pay the fine, from the date it was issued. If you don’t pay, you will get reminders and a higher fee, then the issue will be handed over to the bailiff.

You have 6 months to appeal a “parkeringsanmärkning”, from the date it has been paid or from the date the bailiff started a process.

For any questions regarding the payment, contact The Swedish Transport Authority.
Visit The Swedish Transport Authority’s website for more information.

If the “parkeringsanmärkning” contains obvious errors, such as for example vehicle manufacturer, you can apply for correction instead. This must be done within a couple days from receiving the fine. You apply for correction by taking the fine with you to the local police station where the fine was issued. If your application for correction was not approved, you can continue by filing an appeal.

A “parkeringsanmärkning” that you consider inaccurate is appealed to The Dalecarlia Police Authority. Visit The Dalecarlia Police Authority’s website for more information on how to file an appeal.


If the yellow parking fine says “Kontrollavgift” – appeal first and pay after

If you’ve received a “kontrollavgift” that you consider inaccurate, this needs to be appealed right away. If you pay the fine, the issue is considered closed and can lead to you having to take the matter to court if you consider the “kontrollavgift” inaccurate.

Appeal a “kontrollavgift” with Aimo Park. The appeal must be written and can be done via a form on their website.

Visit Aimo Parks website for more information on appeals.

Parking Rules and Signs

What other rules do I need to know?

In the rural area, parking is always prohibited if nothing else is informed with signs or other instructions in the location. You must always know the general rules for parking, because they also decide where and how you’re allowed to stop.

For example:

  • You cannot stop or park closer than 10 metres to an intersection or a pedestrian crossing.
  • You cannot stop or park in a bicycle lane or on a bicycle or walking path.
  • You cannot stop or park in a place that obscures signage or traffic signals.
  • You cannot stop or park on a motorway or freeway.
  • You cannor stop or park in a road gate or tunnel, on or close to a hilltop or close to a curve where your vision is obscured.
  • You cannot park on a bus stop or a stop for school buses. You are allowed to stop, but only to allow passengers to get in or out of the vehicle, provided that you are not hindering a bus or school bus.
  • Within urban areas, you cannot stop or park in public places outside of the road, for example ditches, dividers, parks and plantations.

Please note that there are other parking rules and it is your responsibility to know them. You can find more information in this brochure on the Swedish Transport Authority website.

How do I park correctly?

The parking rules are built on two simple principles: you can’t stop or park where danger can occur or if it hinders or disturbs others.

This means, among other things:

  • You need to make sure the vehicle can't start moving on its own after parking or stopping.
  • The vehicle has to be inside the parking lines with all its wheels.
  • You can't open the doors in a way that can create danger for others.
  • You can't park so that you hinder someone else from getting into their vehicle or blocking someone in.
  • When a parking ticket is needed, it should be visibly placed in the windsheild. Information on the ticket needs to be readable.

What does date parking entail?

The sign means that it is prohibited to park on the side of the road with even house numbers on days with even dates, and on the side of the road that has uneven house numbers on days with uneven dates. Date parking is meant to allow maintenance of the streets.





What do pedestrian street and pedestrian area entail?

GågataThe pedestrian street is for pedestrians. You are allowed to ride a bike if no bike ban is applied, but not faster than walking speed and you have to give way to pedestrians.

Motor driven vehicles are only allowed to drive on a pedestrian street to cross it. Exceptions are made for goods delivery, transport of guests to hotels and transports of sick or disabled people.

Vehicles that enter the pedestrian street may only drive as fast as walking speed and shall always give way to pedestrians. On a pedestrian street, parking may only happen on a specifically marked place, except for people with a disability parking permit.

GångfartsområdeIn a pedestrian area, traffic with motor vehicles is permitted but you can only drive in walking speed and have to give way to pedestrians. Parking may only occur on especially marked spots.

What do no parking and no stopping signs entail?

Förbjudet att parkera fordon.The sign means that it is prohibited to park vehicles. By “park” is meant stopping a vehicle for a time with or without a driver inside. Exceptions can occur if you’re stopping to let a passenger out or in, or to load goods on or off the vehicle.



Förbjudet att stanna och parkeraThe sign means that it is prohibited to stop and park vehicles. By “stop” is meant stand still with a vehicle. Exceptions can occur if you’re stopping to prevent danger or if the traffic conditions call for it.



Where can I park in Falun?

Falu P AB manages approximately 12 500 parking spaces in central Falun and surrounding areas, both indoors and in parking garages. You can find a parking lot that fits your needs, on our Parking Map.

In Falun Municipality, there are local traffic ordinances. One of these says that it’s always prohibited to park within the central areas. Another one says that “date parking” applies within the urban area. On The Swedish Transport Agency website, under “Sök trafikföreskrift” you’ll find more information about the local traffic ordinances and maps over where exactly they apply.

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