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Parking fine?

What is a parking fine?

A parking fine is the common name for the little note placed on an illegally parked vehicle. The note will say, in Swedish, that you have to pay a fee. The type of fee is decided by whether you’ve parked illegally on private or municipal property.

In the traffic regulations, there are general rules regarding how to park. These rules aren’t indicated by road signs, and instead it’s your duty as a driver to know and follow them. In addition, there are local rules and regulations, which are normally indicated by road signs.

What’s the difference between “gatumark” and “tomtmark”?

In Sweden, there are two different types of land, public (“gatumark”) and private (“tomtmark”). Parking on those are regulated by two different laws, and the parking fines have different names.

Illegal parking on municipality land, “gatumark”, will result in a parking fine called a “parkeringsanmärkning”. Illegal parking on private land, “tomtmark”, will result in a parking fine called a “kontrollavgift”.

On the top of the parking fine, it’s indicated what kind it is.

What do I do if I’ve been issued an erroneous “parkeringsanmärkning”?

If you believe you’ve received an erroneous parkeringsanmärkning, what you have to do is you pay first, and then contest it. You have eight days to pay it, starting from the date the fine was issued.

You have six months to contest the fine, starting from the date you paid it. If you are deemed to be in the right, you will be issued a refund. If you have any questions regarding your parking ticket, visit the site of the Swedish Transport Agency.

If your parking ticket contains obvious errors, like the wrong car model, you may apply for a correction. This must be done within a few days after the ticket was issued. This is done by bringing the ticket to the police station in the municipality where it was issued. If a correction is denied, proceed as described above.

You have to contest a parking ticket you consider erroneous in writing, to the Police in Dalarna county.

What do I do if I’ve been issued an erroneous “kontrollavgift”?

If you believe you’ve been issued an erroneous kontrollavgift, you should appeal as quickly as possible, and not pay. If you pay, you can’t appeal later, as it is assumed you’ve accepted the kontrollavgift. This means you’ll have to take the issue to the district court by yourself, if you think it’s in error.

To appeal a parking ticket you think has been issued in error, you have to appeal it to the company handling the parking surveillance in the area, in this case Q-Park. You can appeal either via internet, or via a postal letter. Visit Q-Park’s website for more information.